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Estate Sale ~ Marketing Advertising

We attract buyers to your estate sale by advertising on Craig’s List, placing posters on local bulletin boards, extensive street signage, email blasts and through the website we establish for your sale.  Our experience and comprehensive approach in marketing in each of the above venues will maximize traffic to your sale.


For the purpose of market analysis, we place estate sale shoppers into two broad categories.  The first category consists of persons who are looking for specific items.  The second category consists of persons who like to shop estate sales, bargain hunters (individuals and businesses) and curious passersby.


The first category of shopper, someone looking for a specific item, will generally find an ad for one of the items in your sale on Craig’s List.  Our ad will have a picture(s), price, description contact information and estate sale information.   It will also include a link to the website established for your sale.  Part of our marketing strategy for your estate sale is to determine what items will create the most interest.  We then place ads for these items.


A keystone in the marketing of your sale is the website.   Please see Link page for overview of how your website will be setup.  Buyers looking for something specific will follow the link from the Craig’s List ad back to your website. The website includes an interactive map with directions to you sale.   It also will include pages with the many other items offered in your sale.  This cross marketing from Craig’s List to your website adds exposure to the full scope of your sale.  Marketing attracts buyers.


Local signage and bulletin board postings are extremely important.   We identify busy traffic areas closest to the estate sale.  We post bright, clearly marked signs directing shoppers to the sale.   We place posters on public bulletin boards at local stores and coffee shops. Included on the posters is pertinent Information about the sale, including a map and the web address for the estate sale website.  Persons with smart phones and laptops will be able to access more details about your sale.


For the persons finding the Estate Sale by searching Craig’s List or from one of our Email Blasts, the ads and blasts will contain general information and directions to the estate sale.  These also contain links back to the Estate Sale Web Site.   The impact of overlapping advertising venues with the Estate Sale website draws shoppers to the sale.




Your Estate Sale


A successful estate sale hinges on advertising. We are very thorough with our approach and generally use the following venues to bring customers to your sale:

  • Craig's List
  • Print Ads
  • Email Blasts
  • Facebook
  • Street Signage
  • Ebay
  • Posters

The items considered to be of higher values will be listed individually on Craigs List and on our website. Our meticulous approach produces results.




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