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Estate Sale Overview


Off-Site Preparation

On-Site Preparation

The Sale

Clear Out

Step 1 is the Evaluation

  • Inspection of items to be included in the your Estate Sale
  • Evaluate location to develop layout and site organization for the sale.
  • Photograph items that either need further research and/or are to be included in your estate sale website and advertising venues such as Craig's List, Facebook and email blasts.
  •  Develop general time line to complete tasks for a successful sale

Step 2 is off-site preparation


  • Prepare ads for newspapers, Craig's List and/or Ebay.
  • Build web site.  Post pictures and prices.  Provide dates and time for the sale.  Include Google map to sale.
  • Create signage to post in neighborhood.
  • Develop floor plan and staging strategy
  • High value items may be brokered to an appropriate venues.



Step 3 is on-site preparation


  •  Price, organize, display and merchandise items
  •  Stage the site while maximizing security
  •  Attractively display high value items
  •  Place signage in neighborhood

Step 4 is the Estate Sale


  • Estate Sales are generally three to four day events. They begin on a Thursday or Friday and end on Sunday. Purchases can be made with either cash or a credit card.   We do not accept checks. All sales are final.
  • We pride ourselves with providing customers with a neat and organized event. Our customers are treated in a polite and courteous fashion. We enjoy these sales and want the same for our customers.
  • The estate sale will be managed, staffed and secured by our dedicated staff.
  • During the sale, we will be negotiating prices with customers. Our negotiations take into account the market value of the product and that the timeframe to sell is limited to the timeframe of the sale. Items are generally discounted towards the end of a sale. We are advocates for the owners of the estate and strive to obtain the best prices.

Step 5 is the Clear Out


The primary focus for most of our clients is either placement of their property on the market for sale or preparation of the residence for new buyers after the property has been sold. Realtors often want a property cleared or staged to maximize the marketability of a property.

Almost all of our clients opt for a clear out after the completion of a sale. Our services include a clear out. We donate, recycle and dispose of unsellable items. We pass back donation slips to our clients. Clients are able to quickly move forward with their plans for the property without the burdensome and overwhelming task of clearing out the property.


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